Be Suck In Another Dimension: Meet Ichigo In Bleach!

Are you bored with your after-school activities? Maybe you should take out a page out of IchigoKurasaki's book and fight evil forces that threaten humanity! This manga by Tite Kubo focuses on a teenager who gets involved in the Shinigami world after getting powers as a Soul reaper. You won't ever be bored while you watch Ichigouse his new powers to defeat dark spirits every day. It's like being sucked into another world altogether. In the main character's perspective, however, that is the actual case.

How Does The Story Evolve?

The story, entitled Bleach, is both set in the real world and the dimension of the dead. The Soul Society is tasked to protect the spirits that travel into the afterlife and regular mortals from Hollows, which look like monster ghosts of lost souls. IchigoKurasaki, a high school student with supernatural powers to see the dead, gets involved with Rukia, a Soul Reaper, as she pursues a Hollow and results to her transfer of powers onto him as a substitute Soul Reaper (which was illegal).

As the story goes, he saves Rukia and gains an official status as a substitute, but he faces the struggle of a brewing civil war and countless invasion schemes throughout his duties in Soul Society. The manga features different groups that make the series highly charged with adventure:

  • Court Squads
  • Arrancars
  • Vizards
  • The Ten Espada
  • Fullbringers
  • Quincys
  • Xcution

The Themes Envisioned

The manga is charged with discussions of illegal experimentation, civil wars, discrimination and political structure. With various stories contributing towards Ichigo's adventures with his friends, there is complexity and depth on each new group that they face. The constant chaos in the Soul Society requires Ichigo to find his true powers, and in the process, to learn his parent's story that gave him his supernatural powers. In Ichigo's perspective, it's like a supernatural way of self-actualization.